Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs



This Hierarchy is particularly helpful in understanding the psychosomatic causes of illness as well as the triggers for addictive behavior; whether those "addictive" behaviors are food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or unhealthy lifestyles. When significant gaps occur in our pyramid of needs we may become physically ill or our physical, mental emotional or spiritual development is hindered or blocked. But understanding & insight will enable the ever adaptive human brain to compensate; our friends, advisers and reading all help. But you may ask "How can these stresses cause physical illness?" The answer lies initially in the impact of stress on our serum cortisol levels which elevate up to fivefold in both acute & chronic stress. This then causes a cascade of endocrine effects of domino like diversity.

But as was so aptly said by the student to CS Lewis in Shadowlands "We read to learn that we are not alone." Accordingly I strongly commend the following references on the internet to your consideration.

Allen E Gale June 13 2002


Originally Published in Psychological Review, 50,370-396.

"James Prochaska and Carlo Diclemente (1982) developed a model of change which is unique in many ways......."

"In the late 1960's Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchical theory of human needs......."


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