Condys2 A word of caution & some useful advice from a reader of my pages-


I was very pleased to find your article on Potassium Permanganate relating to an antiseptic wash, etc.

I thought I would send you the bit of information I have on uses.

I was first put onto them as a preventative for cold sores. A friend in Brisbane about 10 years ago noticed I suffered from frequent small cold sores around the mouth, and the occasional very large cold sores, and suggested her family remedy. She mixed a fairly strong solution of Condy's crystals with water (a very deep pink/purple) and this was then dabbed with cotton wool to the affected area. This is done with the first 'tingle' of a cold sore. On that first application, the cold sore was noticeably reduced (I can't really remember whether it appeared at all).

About 2-3 months later, I felt the tell-tale tingle on the centre of my lip, so went and purchased some Condy's crystals. Unfortunately, I had not taken notice at the time to the quantities used. So I mixed about a dessertspoon of crystals with about half a cup of water. Using cotton wool, I dabbed and held the solution to my lip once, and then went to do it a second time. I realised the solution was running down my arm leaving very strong stains. I stopped, but it was too late. I had 'burned' a patch on my upper lip about the size of a 10cent piece, stained my teeth and fingers and arm. Over the next few days, I lost several layers of skin on my fingers and arm. It took a good week for the stain on my lip/face to disappear. However, I would like to point out that I did not get a cold sore then, or for another 2 years.

I now infrequently get cold sores (always stress/diet related) and apply a much milder solution. Usually about half a dozen crystals in about 2 spoons of hot water (a very deep purple to black liquid). I apply the solution with a cotton bud, directly to the tingling area and the surrounding skin. All excess is wiped off with the 'clean' end of the cotton bud resulting in minimal staining of facial skin - it does not matter about the lips themselves as lipstick covers this.

However, I think it would be interesting to see some research done along these anti-cold sore lines! I find that Condy's crystals are much more effective than any of the cold sore cream preparations that have come onto the market, eg zovirax.

As an aside to all this, I have mentioned this 'cure' to many friends. One friend who was born and grew up in New Guinea told me that her father used to use Condys crystals for everything while they lived there. Any infection, etc was bathed with a mild solution.

It was with this in mind that I was searching for more information on their use, so was pleased to find your article. Thanks for this information. I hope my story above is interesting.


Suzanne B

August 4 1999

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